United Nations Foundation, Washington, DC
World Trade Center Pavilion — NYC, New York
Private Residence – Nashville, TN
Tessa Restaurant — NYC, New York
Elm Restaurant at King & Grove – Brooklyn, NY
My Boon – Retail Space, Seoul S. Korea
Peter Kiewit Foundation – Offices, Omaha, NE
Black Locust individual blocks

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For over 60 years Kaswell Flooring Systems has specialized in End Grain Wood Block Flooring. Our roots stem from the industrial sector, where we have serviced the flooring needs of Fortune 500 manufacturing companies including Caterpillar, GM, and Ford Motor Company. More recently we’ve pioneered new and creative uses for our block flooring. We continue to work closely with the design profession to develop new products and utilize new species to achieve dramatic effects with our block flooring products.

We have installed End Grain Wood Block Flooring in museums, art galleries, theatres, retail stores, restaurants, homes, outdoor bridges, streets and patios, machine shops, factories, health-care facilities, higher education and government buildings. We've also applied our blocks to millwork surfaces, such as walls and furniture.

Kaswell Flooring is an environmentally conscious corporation. In fact, our blocks are one of the best uses for the worst grade of lumber. Scrap lumber that couldn’t be used for typical hardwood flooring can be used in the production of our small block products. In addition, we offer Reclaimed End Grain Block Flooring made from recovered logs and beams extracted from razed barns, homes, industrial buildings, lakes and rivers. We also offer FSC certified wood products and our recycled synthetic block product, Fibre[B]lock® II.

If you are designing a manufacturing plant, a commercial facility, or a residential project, consider the benefits and the many practical and creative ways you can use End Grain Wood Block Flooring.