End Grain Reclaimed End Grain (Green) Engineered End Grain Prefinished End Grain Edge Grain

Specie: Industrial Black Pine

Format: Individual blocks

Sizes: 1" depth minimum. Standard 2" to 3". Most often made from Eastern or Western Pine.
Block face sizes: 3" x 3", 4" x 4", 3" x 6"; 4"x 6"; 3" x 8"; 4"x 8". Custom sizes available upon request.
With solvent or water based black urethanes, water based sealers.

Product Availability: Unfinished only

FSC Certified: Currently Unavailable

Installation Specification: PINE BLACK SEALERS FINISH

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Industrial Black used to mean Creosote treated pine and oak blocks, installed with coal tar pitch, and sealed with a coal tar pitch emulsion. Harold Kaswell installed millions of square feet of creosote treated pine and oak blocks for “heavy industry” like Pratt & Whitney, GM, Timken, and Caterpillar. We still offer “industrial black” wood block flooring but we use light colored wood preservatives/ treatments, cold adhesives, and seal the blocks with black coatings. The appearance of our industrial black blocks today is very similar to the “old” creosote treated block with coal tar pitch. We offer our S-2705 White Adhesive, and our D-1261-2 Latex Black Sealer to most all new industrial pine and oak block installations. Health and Safety departments in these major manufacturing facilities have approved these products for use.

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