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Specie: Mesquite Rounds

Format: Rounds

Sizes: ½" depth minimum. Individual round face size: 3" to 8" diameter,
with or without bark, with or without sapwood.

Product Availability: Unfinished only

Installation Specification: MESQUITE BLOCKS AND ROUNDS

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Mesquite is the only species that we offer in a round format. Mesquite Rounds are available, with or without bark. When installing rounds
of Mesquite, the gaps between the pieces must be filled with a hard-filler. We recommend colored sanded tile grout for this filling process.

Mesquite is one of the most beautiful and enduring hardwoods available. It is one of the best choices for End-Grain flooring, because of its
hardness and stability. Mesquite trees yield a finished wood with warm red, brown, tan, or yellow tones and swirling grain. Mesquite can be
stained,but most Mesquite installations are natural or dark coloration. We offer domestic and imported mesquite in red, tan, brown, and yellow.

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