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Specie: Redwood Strip Block

Format: Strip, tongue and grooved assembly, up to 33" in length.

Sizes: ¾" depth minimum. Strip width 3-1/4". Custom sizes available upon request.

Other strip species available: Mesquite, Fir, Hemlock, Alder, Black Cherry, and Ply-type.

Product Availability: Blocks in strip: unfinished, pre-sanded, or pre-sanded and prefinished

FSC Certified: Currently Unavailable

Installation Specification:  




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Redwoods are the largest and tallest trees, which are primarily found in the Pacific Northwest. Its color ranges from creamy yellow to reddish-brown. Reclaimed redwood is very tight grained, unlike new Redwood,which has wider growth rings. It is one of the most stable and rot resistant species offered. Sinceour Redwood blocks are generally small, we wire them together for ease of installation. Format Options: